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Kinship Charter

Postby Cara » Mon Feb 10, 2014 6:17 pm

So who are we? We are a bunch of (mainly) older players who understand that real life issues come first in people's lives. If we don't make you laugh, don't make you feel good and feel like you're playing with a bunch of helpful, friendly mates, then we're falling down on our mission. If real life drags you away in the middle of an instance, expect to be teased unmercifully, for sure, but you won't be given a hard time about it. The Elders' leadership keeps firmly in mind that people are playing for fun & enjoyment in precious leisure time and if something is becoming hard work, then that 'something' has to change!

The Rules

1. Members should be over 25yrs of age, but exceptions will be made for people to take account of "real life" relationships (eg husband and wife teams). 21yrs is the absolute minimum, however.

2. On joining, a player becomes officially a 'Recruit'. Recruits are made Members after 21 days, by which time we should all know whether we are right for each other! Recruits are treated exactly the same as Members, with two exceptions. Recruits cannot have alts in the kin and recruits cannot have other players admitted to the Kinship.

3. Members can ask to have players invited into the Kinship, so long as they meet our age requirement. This will be routinely allowed unless the Leadership has decided that recruitment is completely closed for some reason (very unlikely). Real life friends and family are always allowed.

4. Members may enroll alts as members, so they're not deprived of our insane chitter-chatter when they're not playing their main. Please do not recruit mules/banks etc, only playing alts. You must record your alts using the kinship note on the kinship panel in-game so we can keep track of 'actual' players.

5. If you don't log in for several months, you may be removed from the kinship list but will still have access to the forums. If you were a full Member and later return to playing you are allowed straight back in as a full Member.

The Charter

1.) Internal Behaviour.
You should treat your fellow kin with respect and dignity and behave in a mature way. If a situation occurs where this rule is broken an officer needs to be consulted with the aim to resolve the issue. Co-operation between all members is to be expected. Dropping out of fellowship/raid in the middle of something is not punishable, as per the mission of our kinship.

2.) External Behaviour.
A good reputation is hard to get but easy to lose. Members of The Elders should be on their best behaviour when in a fellowship with players not in The Elders. Treat all players with the respect you would extend to kin. Expect the same from them. If there is a problem that cannot be resolved in a reasonable way then inform an officer of The Elders. They will try and solve it with all involved parties. Kill stealing or resource stealing is strongly frowned upon. When playing in a fellowship of non-kin, many problems will be avoided if you agree Need/Greed rules before starting.

3.) Sexism or Racism.
Racist or sexual harassment will lead to a life ban from The Elders.

4.) Disputes.
In the case of a dispute that cannot be solved with the kin member(s) involved you should approach an Officer or the Leader. All communications will be treated in strictest confidence if you choose to use private mail or messaging, with the exception that Officers will keep the Leader informed (but not other Officers). In such a case the decision of the leadership will be final.

5.) Fellowship Loot Behaviour.
All drops higher then vendor trash will be looted on a Need or Greed basis. You should roll greed or pass on ALL items unless they are specific to the class or profession of the character you are currently playing. You may generally roll Need for an alt, especially in end-game when the class you are playing may have been chosen to help the fellowship/raid. This should be checked out however. Ninja looting for any item will not be tolerated. Be aware that these rules apply in a kinship fellowship but NOT outside the kinship where you have agreed different rules with fellowship players. Many players believe you should not roll Need on crafting mats, so this in particular should be resolved before starting.

6.) Global Objective.
The Elders has been created and is based on an attitude of understanding others' needs as well as those of our own. We aim to be a force for the good across Middle Earth. In line with Middle Earth Lore, that is a principle that stands on its own; Gandalf and Rangers were treated with a good deal of suspicion but still spent their time taking care of the world! We wish to be co-operative to others within and outside of our own kinship. To this end we shall adopt an attitude of support for all others, be that in questing or advice. There can be a good deal of satisfaction in helping other people "just because" of the desire to be helpful! The Elders wish to be respected throughout Middle Earth, as the name of our kinship (and our real-life ages) should infer a greater wisdom and patience. We should be generous with our help whilst remembering our core values. If you can help, do help - as long as it does not spoil your own enjoyment of the game.
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