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A Ditty For Would-Be Elders :)

PostPosted: Mon Feb 10, 2014 6:11 pm
by Cara
The Elders

What are we, a merry band?
Or just some folks with time on our hands
Mums and Dads, Geeks and Techies,
Brothers in arms and Sisters of mercies

Do we take it seriously? Eh no, not especially
Half our time is spent talking about some ancient recipe
For most of us the game is exactly that
A chance to escape from the better half or the brat

Some of our number think they are the fairer sex
But the rest of us are collecting to buy blindfolds and specs
Laugh ye not at the Gilrain Lady Elders despair
It’s not their fault they were dealt less of beauties share

“But what of the blokes?” I hear you all cry
Well none of us are Brad Pitt, regardless how hard we try
No, we all have to face it, there’s nowhere to hide
We can’t be called hunky, just ugly, implied

We have age restrictions, you must be 25
And in Drax we have one who was born to the Jive!
A sprinkling of ages but no spotty teenagers
All hustle and bustle while using their pagers (This is The Elders Kinship remember!)

No, we are relaxed, calm and serene
Complaining about the price of strawberries and cream
The peace can be broken, of that, there’s no doubt
Our leader, she’s a one, she types with a SHOUT!!

No, we’re a happy band, from mixed backgrounds and Lands
All knowing that the game is second to real life’s demands
So if, in the game, you need a kinship sublime
I promise you’ll not regret giving The Elders your time

Bard of The Elders