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Welcome to The Elders Kinship Website!

The Elders kinship is an EU based kinship now based on the Laurelin server of Lord Of The Rings Online. We came into being on the Gilrain server in 2007 and in 2015, with the server closures, we have moved to Laurelin

Are you grey-haired and grumpy? Does the sight of all those youngsters racing around make you feel old and exhausted? Do you want to spend your evenings in like-minded company - those other old people who actually understand grumpiness is a comedy art-form? Do you like to play well, want to raid - but never take the game too seriously? Or do you like to amble around in your own damn time, forever levelling but wanting great chat and company while you're doing it?

Congratulations! You've found the kinship for you!

The Elders was one of the very oldest kinships on Gilrain (in every sense of the word..) and the same lovely bunch are now on Laurelin as The Elders Kinship (someone had already nabbed the original name - just The Elders - on Laurelin). We offer probably the warmest, the best and the funniest community you'll find anywhere online. We understand that real life has to come first, sometimes at short notice when it's sick kids, ferrying teens or suddenly having to work late - and no-one will ever criticise you for it. We know that the only way you can really enjoy being childish and silly is when there are no actual children around! We're not hard core. We like to raid a couple of times a week because once or twice a week is enough when you've got real life commitments to attend to. We have our own Vent server. We don't mind if you play every day, or once a week, or once a month. Our only entrance requirement is that you're over 25yrs of age (our average age is in the early 40s). We accept applications from all classes, all levels and any (or no) game experience. Our only true requirement is age.

If you feel you want to join us, sign up (please use your main game name) and apply via the Membership Application forum.

!!! Cookies !!!

This website does use cookies. However, we don't use them to track you, serve you ads or anything unpleasant. They're used to remember who you are and what stuff you have already read. I promise you we won't follow you around the web. There is no commercial benefit to anyone from any cookie used on this website.

Please consider this post formal notification of cookie use. If you continue to use the website we will assume you do not object to this site's use of cookies. This warning is in line with the UK Information Commissioner's advice on the recent change in EU law about cookie use.

Having said all that, welcome to The Elders website and we hope you'll stay and make yourself at home!

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View the latest post WEBSITE RENEWAL - Call for Funds!

Oh, I've left it a bit late this time. Our website is due on 12th March. The bill is £142 for 2 years - that's £5.83 a month for unlimited use and storage, and no ads. Which, when I had a look around, was a pretty good deal.

Anyway, we have just on £50 in our Paypal account, so I'm here begging (nicely!) for some contributions. We need to raise £100 and if everyone gave a little we'd do it.

Our Paypal account is: compcaz@gmail.com

You don't have to have a Paypal account yourself. You can go to Paypal and pay with a card. If you have got a Paypal account, it's especiially easy - just make a contribution in your own currency to that Gmail address.

We've always left this totally anonymous, and that feels like a nice way to do it. No one gets shamed because they can't afford anything - but no one gets thanked really either. Except by me (and sometimes I can't work out who sent some money cos there's no note attached about who it is. If there is, I do send on my personal thanks)

I always worry about this. Yet you've never let me down in 13 years.... :lol:

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